Spring into Color Series with Faux Lashes – Sweet Lilac

Today’s post is Sweet Lilac: a soft, romantic pink inspired by spring flowers.

Pantone really said it best with this one. I totally agree, Sweet Lilac is definitely a color for hopeless romantics, which makes it perfect for spring time and spring flings. This feminine, flirtatious pink is the perfect color for girly girls every where. Inspired by the flower of the same name, Sweet Lilac has a soothing effect that many people associate with calm feelings and relaxation. Make it fun and funky by teaming it up with Solar Power yellows and Tangerine Tango Oranges. Or you can play it cute and quaint by pairing this delicate pink with some beautiful Bellflower purple accents. Lots of suggestions in the post so keep reading after the cut!

I know I’m a day late but I created this look with Valentine’s day in mind. I was inspired by the holiday’s pretty rose petal pinks and warm chocolate browns – the finished look has an airy, romantic feel to it that will surely catch that special someone’s eye any time of year.

Paired with lacy whites and soft curls, you’ll look like a fresh spring flower! Honestly I felt so pretty in this look, I didn’t want to take it off. It almost made me like Valentine’s Day! If you want to try this look for yourself I put together a tutorial for you guys!

These SASHA lashes are so nice I featured them twice! I used them in my Starfish look a few weeks ago but you couldn’t really see them through all that smokey brown shadow. Against this pretty pink shadow you can really see these lashes shine. I honestly wasn’t loving this look all that much until I threw on the lashes and then it was love. Pure love.
Our most luxurious lashes. These voluptuous, feathery lashes have a mix of black and dark brown strands that look like pure mink. Ultra plush, fluttery and luxe, these are a definite must-have for any lash addict. The Sasha’s will make you feel like a total bombshell. – FauxLash.com

If you only buy one pair of Faux lashes let these be the ones! Honestly they are so perfect, so versatile, so natural. I plan on stocking up on these. At least enough to last me until the end of the world (which hopefully won’t be this year! Yikes! Lol.)

Finally, even if you hate Valentine’s day you HAVE to love these girly fashion finds from, Jess of My Haute Habit. Adding gold to this color gives it a fun edge, don’t you agree?

Be sure to check out Do Eyelashes Grow Back for more Spring/Summer ’12 style tips! She’s also hosting an amazing reviews Best Eyelash Growth Serum that you should totally check out!


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