Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Disney Villain Maleficent

Boo! October is officially here which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween season! I absolutely love Halloween and getting dressed up, going to parties, seeing what everyone goes as. It’s just so much fun and I don’t think you ever grow out of it.┬áMy only complaint is that in most cases you only get to go out as one thing. Well, the great thing about being a beauty blogger is that Halloween lasts for the whole month and you get to try out tons of different ideas.

This look is something I put together way back in June while I was trying to do a copy-cat version of one of my all time favorite looks, which is the Volcanic Lightning Storm look by Ronnie of Bows and Curtseys. I’d always wanted to try it, but I also wanted to put my own spin on it so I darkened it, gave it some dramatic gradient brows, glitter liner and dark lips. Well, by the time I was done I looked like something of a Disney Villainess so I figured that I’d put the look in layaway and bring it out at Halloween time as makeup for a Maleficent costume. Here you can see the original and my inspired version side by side:

I adore how smokey and seductive the original one is and I wish I could have captured more of that essence in my recreation, but I also really love how sinister mine turned out with the dark lips and brows. I think my version would be an amazing compliment to any witch costume or sexy sorceress type costume as well, even a Black Widow costume might suit this look. Anyways, here are some more close up shots of the eyes & face:

Obviously at the time I wasn’t planning on this being a Halloween look or else I would have put together a costume & wig combo to go along with it, but personally I think this makeup would be perfect for a sexy Maleficent Halloween costume. You could even switch the silver lid color for something green if you wanted.


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