What Is The Safest Way To Do A Natural Cleanse?

There are a number of methods available to detox. In general, most involve fasting of some kind, with the gradual inclusion of fruits and vegetables. All of them espouse the importance of drinking a ton of water. Some recommend taking supplements or herbs to assist with the elimination of toxins. Still others are advocates of practices like colonic irrigation, enemas and the like. Some are more extreme than others and some are not safe at all.

When deciding to go on a detox diet, it is necessary to allow common sense to prevail. Any detox should have the goal of HEALTH as the foremost priority, with all other outcomes as secondary. There is no point in losing a bunch of weight and finally fitting into that size 10 you have been dying to buy if you are too sick to actually enjoy it. As with anything, moderation is key!

As you have read above there can be some real dangers involved with detox diets and so it is best to approach them sensibly. The bottom line is – if it doesn’t feel good, STOP! If you are experience any side effects, STOP! Detoxing should never make you sick. Listen to your body – if you don’t feel right, alter the detox plan to suit your body’s needs. Right, lecture over!

Now onto the facts. How can you detox your body safely? In my opinion, the best way to approach detoxing is slowly, cautiously and with a long term goal in mind. You want the effects of your hard work and sacrifice to be worth it and to be lasting. Noticeable changes might take longer to show, but when they do, you know they are there to stay.

The best way to start any detox program is to limit or ban the things you know are bad for you – caffeine, alcohol, sugar, fats and heavily processed foods and to up your water intake. This kind of basic detox will help to jump start your body. You will feel healthier, more energized and “clean”, and as a result more motivated to commit to banning the things you know you shouldn’t be having anyway. While you might not lose a lot of weight on a basic detox, you will definitely be more motivated to keep on the healthy path when you notice how much better you feel.

It is important to choose a detox diet where you don’t deprive yourself. Your body cannot function optimally if you do not provide it with fuel. It is always a great idea to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and to drink sufficient water, but you need to ensure you are getting the full range of nutrients that your body needs to function. Try to select a diet where you are getting what your body needs from all the food groups, but concentrate on “cleaning up” your sources, if you need a fruit juicer you can look some up for your budget at lowpriced.net.

So for example choose organic veggies over non-organic, lean free range proteins, good, healthy fats and so on. This way your body is still strong but you are reducing the toxins being introduced to your system. Eating a streamlined, repetitive meal plan can provide your body with a much needed reboot.  Eat right and your body will do the rest!

Detoxing is a natural process, so if you are taking supplements, make sure they are 100% natural. How do you know if something is natural? A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you cannot pronounce the ingredients on the label, then it is highly unlikely to be natural! Putting only natural foods into your body gives your digestive system a chance to reset, leading to better waste elimination and nutrient absorption.

Many of the detox diets out there promote certain products or pills that need to be taken. The vast majority of these pills are stimulant based and can upset the body’s natural balance by messing with your heartbeat and your metabolism. Detoxing is about cleansing your body, not adding substances.

While many detox programs available online are above board, there are just as many unscrupulous people out there trying to make a quick buck. Do your research before embarking on any detox plan as there are a lot of scams out there. Avoid any method that promises the earth – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! It cannot be stressed enough – the safest way to detox is to not overdo it. You need to find an achievable and balanced method that works for you.

Remember, the goal is to set the stage for healthy habits that are sustainable in the long term, not to put your body and mind under unnecessary stress with extreme and rapid changes that you are unable to maintain. There is a big risk of weight gain after a detox if you do not do it sensibly. Don’t set yourself up to fail, by manically starving your body for a week. All that will result in is a mad binge on day 8 (if you can even sustain the severe restrictions for a week). Slow and steady is the name of the detox game! The people who are most successful at detoxing are the ones who know their personal limitations and take a more realistic approach. For them, detox dieting is not a once off occurrence, it’s a way of life. Now that’s food for thought!

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