Why you should consider Instant Tent Camping

There are numerous reasons why you should strongly consider using a fast pitch tent with a pre-attached frame for your next vacation.

Essentially instant tent camping is just a method of camping while utilizing an instant tent in the process, a uniquely designed shelter that springs into action instantaneously and offers durable and weatherproof protection throughout all 4 seasons. 

Our top reasons for using on are:

Stress free– The most stressful part of a camping trip, is the initial arrival and pitching of the tent. If you happen to arrive under rainfall or strong winds, it can be a potential nightmare trying to wrestle with tent poles and getting them in the correct positions etc. These tent designs avoid all those annoying issues, providing a simple set up without the stress.

Speed– They set up super-fast. That goes for all models, ranging from 2-man models, all the way up to 12 man. Yes, even the giant 2 room models use a pre-attached frame which just opens up simply, erecting the core framework. Average tests done by the tent hub team has shown nearly all top tent models to set up anywhere between 60 seconds and 5 minutes at the larger size end. 

Pack Away– Not only do you benefit from a simple set up but they pack away just as easily, given that the framework is all attached and you don’t need to mess around with any attachments and accessories. Just simple removing tent pegs and rain flys is the most you need to do, which is pretty basic securing and protection stuff. Of course, if the tent comes with a canopy or awning, some extra preparation will need to be done, but generally it’s just as simple as the set up. Manufacturers endeavor to stick to the ‘simplicity’ themed design. 

Variety– Due to the popularity of the tents, there are literally hundreds if not thousands available on the markets across the globe. Luckily thetenthub.com has tried, tested and filtered the best instant tents on the market today in an extensive article covering everything and more regarding instant tents. 

Extras– A great bonus I’ve noticed with a lot of instant tents, as they aim for family groups, they’ve created a vast amount of cabin style models. This results in straight walls, higher head height, larger rooms and the option for attachments, this is where the fun comes in. Many additionally come with canopy attachments that go over the entrance doors. Others have awnings which erect up with tent poles providing extra shaded area for camping tables and chairs. Or like the CORE models for example which come with an extra screened room which is perfect for storage gear or an outdoor dog bed.

There are many other pros and of course a few cons, but all in all they are a great choice for any sized group who are considering an easier option with camping.

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