Which brands of face powders are popular in Holland

A setting powder is essential for the completion of your makeup look. Without it, your face can end up looking oily and your makeup won’t last as long. Dutch aren’t any different when it comes to face makeup. They love to find best powders – or, as they’d say, beste gezichtspoeder – for both everyday and night time looks. 

So, which brands of face powders are popular among Dutch? While there are lots of international stores available, such as Sephora, people in Holland might be very particular about the things they put on their faces. 

Here are some beloved makeup brands in Holland: 

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is a world-renowned cosmetics brand that is known for its luxurious products. One of its best-seller products is a loose setting powder with an award-winning formula. Many Dutch women reported wearing a package of this face powder in their purses in a case of an emergency. It will absorb oil, eliminate all shine, and it will even make your face look stunning in photos. With it, there will be no more flashbacks!


Covergirl is an affordable drugstore makeup brand that can help you achieve a pro-level result. It has an excellent loose finishing powder that has been tested and recommended by many Dutch beauty bloggers. Many would even call it a Laura Mercier dupe, except that the brand has a Leaping Bunny certificate for being cruelty-free, which has been highly praised.

Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett isn’t a brand that isn’t a household name in the USA, but it is rather popular in Holland. Among other things, it offers several face powders, all of which are acclaimed and among more popular makeup products with Dutch women. This is likely due to the variety in colour and purposes they offer, as well as their natural formulas. They offer a smooth finish and supreme formulas that are great for women with sensitive skin.


NYX might easily be considered one of the most popular drugstore brands not just in Holland, but worldwide. The high number of beauty bloggers, such as NikkieTutorials, recommending it speaks for itself. It sells high-quality products at an affordable price, making it available to women of all statuses. The same could be said for its finishing powder, that is said to leave your face with a fresh, matte finish. 

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